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What is the Exsto Elite Network?

This is our very unique Personal training service that nobody else in Northern Ireland is offering.


We have taken the buzz, encouragement and atmosphere from group sessions... and combined them with personally tailored workouts, designed specifically to target your own goals.


On our program we understand every person is unique and no two goals are the same. Your workouts are completely tailored to suit your journey. We have built an amazing network of people who support and encourage each other along the way.


How it works?

It all starts with you! We get to know you and your needs by coming along for a stat day. This is a 20-minute consultation where you meet your case manager and discuss your expectations.


After taking your stats you get access to your own personalised app where you will find your tailored training plan. Each individual on the program gets 3 personal workouts which are renewed every 4-6 weeks. All sessions are trainer-led and monitored closely.


Alongside this we develop and teach healthy eating habits. We don't believe in diets... but we do believe in eating better and having more structure around mealtimes. Your case manager will share recipes books and tips on how you can complement your training with the correct nutrition. We ask you log and be honest with all meals so we can keep a close eye and adjust or adapt if needed.


We also believe mindset has a huge part to play alongside training and nutrition, meaning mindset is also a focus. We do lots of check-ins & offer lots of video support to make sure you don't fall off the wagon or if you do we get you back on it with minimal damage.


I can't do the same sessions each week...

We understand that peoples timetables change week to week so we offer a timetable of classes that you can chop and change weekly. You pick the times and days that suit you Monday-Sunday.


All we ask?

You can commit between 3-5 hours per week to achieve your aspirations.


Does this sound like something you can fit into your schedule?


Apply to become part of our Exsto Elite Network

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you shortly



Use our personal training hub to manage everything. From your workout programmes, to calendar. Managing your measurements and progress pictures. As well as a 24 hour live chat functionality with the entire Exsto Elite Network and Personal Trainers. 



- Completely custom workout programme.

- Calendar for workout planning, recording progress, and personal metrics.


- 24 / 7 Support from your Personal Trainer.

- Live outside Northern Ireland, but occasionally come back to visit? Book a session in Belfast any time you're here.

- Full access to our Exsto Elite Network. Constant support from individuals on the same journey, and tonnes of extra workouts, nutrition advice, recipes and more.

Are you already a member of the Exsto Elite Network?


Your next month's bill when you refer a friend

Speak to your Case Manager to apply

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